Based minutes from Sydney’s city centre, traffic jam galleries presents innovative and progressive exhibitions concentrating on contemporary art from a diverse group of emerging and established artists.

The gallery’s dynamic program hosts up to ten curated exhibitions a year, together with an aligned art space dedicated to mixed and thematic exhibitions across a variety of media and genres.

The gallery is within an architecturally unique structure which encourages engagement and interaction. The space itself retains its individuality, intentionally not conforming to a white cube concept, it exudes a relaxed atmosphere devoid of pretence and artifice.

Dependent on the exhibition at the time and the mix of works, the gallery can be many of the following and sometimes all at once - interactive, playful, serious, fun, eclectic, adventurous, inspiring, thought provoking, profound, light-hearted but most importantly, enjoyed.

Our commitment to support and nurture our artists runs alongside providing our collectors optimum personalised attention through a range of services. To further promote the innovation and merit of our artists’ work, accompanying our exhibitions we hold stimulating and diverse events including dinners, talks and pop-ups, to facilitate the opportunity to create a direct personal dialogue between appreciators, collectors and artists.

A traffic jam you will want to get stuck in!