MARCH 2018

    Exhibition Opening – March 7 5-8pm
    Exhibition Dates – March 7-28

    untitled is an exhibition with a focus on guest artists foreign to the gallery space. The exhibition will feature works by local and interstate practitioners and artists at varying stages of their artistic journeys, with the onus on artists who would predominantly be considered emerging. The works of this new group of artists may amuse, challenge, inspire or excite, but diversity is also a key factor, reflected through approach subject matter, response and medium.  


    APRIL 2018

    The Fragrant Garden
    Exhibition Dates – April 4-25

    A thematic exhibition that rejoices in and reveres 'the fragrant garden' in all its splendor, colour, light, hidden treasures and abundant bounty. This select group of traffic jam galleries' painters and sculptors celebrate Nature's diversity through their individual approaches, process and responses. The garden comes to life through the medium of impasto, oil, steel, charcoal and pastel. 


    MAY 2018

    Andrew Grassi Kelaher
    Exhibition Opening – May 2 5-8pm
    Exhibition Dates – May 2-23

    Artist ANDREW GRASSI KELAHER is based  just north of Sydney on the Central Coast. This area with it's amazing scenery and stunning beaches firs well with Andrew's love of surfing and the ocean. An endless source of inspiration is provided by his surrounding environments. 

    "Who doesn't like colour? It influences your mood, makes you feel happy, excited or just chilled out. It can fire you up or bring you down, so while I'm painting I love to use it by the truck load. When I look around the world I see so many colours in the landscapes, I just can't wait to get out my brushes and rip into a painting or two. 

    So here it is- after a glass of adventure, a tablespoon of inspiration and copious amounts of red wine I have managed to put together a while of intoxicating landscapes."- ANDREW GRASSI KELAHER