• JULY 2017 POP UP Elizabeth Green

    JULY 2017

    POP UP – Elizabeth Green
    Exhibition Dates – July 21 – August 3 2017

    Elizabeth Green takes inspiration from the natural landscape and environment around her. Intimate bushscapes reveal Elizabeth's interest in understanding the fragile connection between the delicate beauty of nature and its existence within the harsh and rugged land. Working in oils and mixed media of charcoal and ink, the works capture a sense of place, revealing the mood and spirit of the world around her. 

  • AUGUST 2017 Jenny Green

    AUGUST 2017

    Jenny Green
    Exhibition Opening – Wednesday 9 August 6-8pm 
    Exhibition Dates – August 9 – 31

    Jenny Green's sculptures are typically abstract and usually influenced by the figure. While the media she uses being steel, bronze and resin, may be industrial, her sculptures are light and airy. Jenny's intent to capture an instant or a feeling is reflected in the tension between space and material; using line, curves, shapes and colour to explore movement and emotion. 
    The results are often viewed as lyrical yet industrial, 'drawings in space'. 



    AUGUST 2017

    Rebecca Pierce
    Exhibition Opening – Wednesday 9 August 6-8pm 
    Exhibition Dates – August 9 – 31

    Rebecca Pierce primarily works with acrylic paint, oil sticks, ink and fine points on canvas and paper. When working with paint the technique of impasto is often incorporated providing texture rendered flatly and without evidence of brushstrokes to create a third dimension. The unpredictability of Rebecca's subject exaggerated by the excessive use of medium, can often result in the textured surface presenting an uneasy tension laced with elements of playfulness.